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Cabin After care

Aftercare and what to expect


Gaps may appear in your cabin over the year so please check the following points:

·        Have you painted the cabin with two decent coats of paint or stain, especially concentrating on the corners?

·        Do you have anything fixed to the inside walls of the building?

Blinds/ Curtains – Are they screwed through the frame into the log? If so then a smaller screw will be needed so that the blind is only screwed into the facia.

Electrical cables – Are these loose enough to allow the cabin to move? Being too tight will restrict the logs from moving.

Shelving – Are they screwed onto a couple of logs? If so this will need to be unscrewed to close the gap, try to stick to fixing things to just one log.


Your cabin if not treated properly can cause water ingress so please check the following points:

·        Have you painted it with two decent coats of paint especially concentrating on the corners?

·        Have you taken the doors and windows out and painted behind them? (By taking out the frames you can paint all of the bare timber and end grain)

·        Caulking the corners and areas with slightly bigger gaps can help prior to painting.

·        Is the cabin heated in the winter and ventilated regularly?



Your cabin will expand in the winter and contract in the summer, it is a natural product so is constantly moving so doors and windows may need adjusting at times. Please see the solutions below:

·        Is the door sticking? If so is it top, middle or bottom? Does the door meet at the top? You may need to just push the frame level.

·        To adjust, open the door 90 degrees and lift the door off its hinges and turn the hinges anti-clockwise to make the door move away from the frame or clockwise to bring the door in closer to the frame and make the gap between the doors bigger. If you turn each of the hinges equally then the door will move in that appropriate direction equally but if you adjust just top or bottom (then middle hinge half the amount of turns) then the door will adjust away from the top or bottom of the frame to suit your requirements. Do the same for the windows.

·        Is the lock and key ok? Offer to send a new one in the post.

·        Is the handle working ok? Offer to send a new one in the post.



There are many different types of flooring to choose from to put in your log cabin, please read the advice below before doing so:

·        Use a breathable underlay when choosing flooring, for example hessian backed or vapour permeable. Do not use rubber backed underlay as this will sweat and cause the floor to rot. (Lino is not recommended)



If you choose to attach blinds or curtains to your doors and windows then please follow the advice below before doing so:


·        Please make sure that the screws you use to secure your blinds/ curtains are small. They should only fix through the blind and the facia and not into the log, this will reduce movement and could cause gaps in your walls.



If you are using your own electrician to put electrics into your cabin then please be aware of the following things beforehand:

·        Electrical cables need consideration when being installed, they shouldn’t be fixed too tightly to the logs otherwise the logs won’t be able to move throughout the year which will cause gaps.

·        The electrics should be installed once the cabin has been fitted and not before or during.

·        Any electrical items that are being installed need some consideration to the fact that the cabin moves throughout the year so be careful when fitting conduit and trunking, always make sure there is flexibility.

·        All electrics should be Part P compliant.



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