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Ex-Display Brisbane

Ex-Display Brisbane

Reference: EXBRIS

Price: £1,500.00

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Ex-Display Brisbane

When you purchase an ex-display building we dismantle the building back into its log form, we then deliver the building out to you with the roof covering as new. Most of the buildings will have had a coat of preservative and paint shown in the display picture. If you need further information or would like the building fitted (additional cost) then please call a member of our sales team. With an ex-display building we usually recommend giving the building an addition coat of paint once re-erected. All ex-displays are sold as seen.

This building is on display at John Browns . Please call 01202 825293 if you wish to discuss this building further.

Was £2500 now only £1500!

Pavilion Specification:

Base measures: 2.8m x 2.8m
Roof Measures: 3.89m x 3.89m
Ridge Height: 2.54m
Eave Height: 2.30m
Area: 12.1m²
Changeable Wall Elements
Optional Glass Panel
Optional Solid Panel

What's Included?

Unlike some companies we like to tell you exactly what you need, without hiding any extra costs. All additional extras are optional and are highlighted above. So what do you get as standard in this package?

The EDPM roofing, ground anchors, fascia boards and delivery within the local delivery area. Optional panels can be inserted to the design of your choosing. Three per side and are made up of either the solid panel (with a small window at the top) or a full glass panel. Three elements will make up each side.

Caring for your cabin:

We now offer a factory dipped pre-treatment as shown above in the optional extras. Click on the info button next to this extra for more information on this. You can also treat the building yourself by purchasing a preservative and painting the building by hand once either before or after erection. Simply click on here to see the available preservatives.

In all cases you will need to purchase a paint to apply to the building once it is up. Painting is very important as it will seal the building protecting it from the weather and extending its life. Our recommended paint can be found by following this link paints.

What does it get put on?

Although the cabin comes with treated bearers these will still need a base to sit on, we recommend a concrete pad. This must be completely level to ensure your cabin will not come across any problems both in the build and further down the line. All the information you need on the base can be found here:


Bases - What you need to know:

Having a level base is essential for your cabin. It means that all the logs slot and stay together without hitch, the windows and doors will be level and open without snagging. It also means the building will also settle in unison over time.
We recommend that the buildings are placed on a concrete pad, however in certain situations we understand that this is not possible so therefore decking or a decking sub-frame can be used. This is fine as long as the below rules are followed.

Bases must:

  • Have a tolerance of no more than 5mm over the whole building span.
  • Be flat, level & square.
  • There should be no run-off, unlike a patio or driveway the base must be completely flat.
  • The base must be the exact size of the base of the cabin; if you are unsure ask a member of the sales staff, or alternatively the base size is listed in the brochure.
  • Base Specifications

    So, how is it put together?

    We advise getting it fitted by our expert team (see optional extras above), however you can fit it yourself for full fitting instructions click here: Brisbane Fitting Instructions

    Free Delivery on this cabin!

    (within our regional delivery area, outside of this we will contact you after check-out regarding delivery)
    Please note any coloured pictures of the cabins are for demonstration purposes only, your cabin is supplied in a "whitewood" colour.


    Delivery charges

    We offer a kerbside delivery service starting from £10.00 for a local delivery. 

    If you put your post code into the calculator it will give you the exact delivery charge to your area.


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